In a book that we highly recommend (Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling), the author talks about the importance of relationships over "task accomplishment" and how companies tend to forget that you need the first one to do the second one.

We believe in that. We train and work with companies/persons to help you/them connect better and more, to care more, to make it feel, to build bridges so you and the ones you interact with, move together toward one common goal.

We want to be honest here. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are efficiently transmitting what AikiSkills is about, what our training can do for you, your company/team, your goals, your relationships.

So we thought that something that can help here is to hear it from other people. We recently received some amazing reviews that we believe could give you a better idea of how our method (AikiSkills) can help your business.
We got numbers too! One of the companies we recently trained, with a very well trained customer service department, saw huge changes on their metrics after being trained in AikiSkills:
Two months after being trained in AikiSkills, their sales grew 50.35%, and the customer care representatives were 22.43% better reviewed by their clients (they get paid by this parameter too, so you can imagine how happy they were).
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For us in MUSUBI Communications this combination of words and numbers are amazing.

It is like a perfect balance between what means to care, make it feel, and relationships, and how that gets reflected in the growth of your business. Yes, it works.

We have been doing this for more than 30 years and we have no doubt about how powerful AikiSkills is.

We hope we have been able to share it with you too.