Trainings in

Communication Tools

to Connect and Move Together

Turn Conflicts into Opportunities
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You flow
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You belong
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Are you scared
express what you feel?
Do you feel without
energy at the end of the day?
Isn't it frustrating to repeat
yourself so many times?

Misunderstandings and your perception of the Conflict are costing you
you and your company

Online course
How Talk for Connect
5 Communication Tools
to transform
the Conflicts in Opportunities,
using the Aikido Philosophy
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Exchange Stress and Misunderstandings for
Fluency and Connection
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Applicable to all
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Get results
We know how frustrating it is
not to feel heard.
It seems like nobody understands you.
Learn the 5 tools that have changed
Customer Service Centers, including the one of
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The opinion
of those that matter the most:

  • I was very much engaged during and after the training. It was an eye opener for many of us to understand that we really do need to repeat ideas and information as well as be patient with those who do the repeating... it is not in our nature in such a fast-paced environment.
    Janet Velez - NBCUniversal

  • I have nothing but words of appreciation for this training and for sure it is something we want to continue to expand in our areas as our initial results are showing significant improvement in some of our Customer Service key performance indicators. Thank you!!!
    Matías Carrió - VP - Customer Engagement Network American Express

  • This training opened my mind to a new way of communicating that I have never heard before. I wonder why this is not taught to everyone!
    Ramón E. Martínez - Owner
Can you sell more 
prioritizing human connection?
Here tdo you have an example of how
changed the performance of a 
Customer care Center,
after learning the 
5 AikiSkills Tools:
increased their sales 
in 50,35% in just 2 months
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Aikido: A unique martial art and the Philosophy behind our Programs

There is no relationship without connection but what things connect us? Do we know how to build Trust proactively?

Cristina and Patxi have spent more than half of their lives training in the Martial Art of Aikido.

Its basic philosophy makes it different from other martial arts: We learn to de-escalate attacks by seeking and maintaining contact, to guide the attacker to a point of "harmony" for both people.

This is a unique training, different and totally applicable to interpersonal relationships, not only physically but emotionally.

4th Dan of Aikido. Communication, Marketing, Aikido, and Motherhood are her main passions and her way of helping others understand each other better.
Cristina Costanzo
With more than 30 years doing Aikido, Patxi Andrés is an expert helping leaders, managers, and politicians, in clearly getting their message across.
Patxi Andrés

In Aikido all movements are based on extension and not losing connection. How can we do that with words?

Steps to create

communication habits that inspire others:

Access our Online Dojo
Learn new communication tools from a new perspective
Become a Conflict and Misunderstanding Resolution Specialist
What will you find in the
AikiSkills Online Dojo?
Access to the Complete AikiSkills Course

12 Video Modules

Live Sessions

To practice communication tools, clarify doubts, connect with everyone

Print Guides

Color Guide to accompany the videos plus a Print Guide, so you can take notes

Access to the Private Group of MUSUBI

To share doubts, experiences and Guide

Do you want to see what our Dojo Online?
Access all content 
FREE for 15 days
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Do you have a Company or Team and you are clear that the quality of relationships of your team influence directly in the results of your company?

So we are on the same page and I assure you that in MUSUBI Communications we will help you 
to multiply your sales, gaining harmony and connection between everyone, including your customers. 
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