From thetatami"from Aikido 
to the meeting room.
That Communication is important we all know. There is probably no phrase in this world more repeated than this one.

But why is it important?

From the point of view of humans as a species, it is what made us the most advanced species on our planet, without being the strongest. Language and Communication helped us create groups. How? By building Trust.

Trust in certain people brought us together and allowed us to create things, fight to survive, share ideas, etc. that no other animal has achieved.

How do we build trust by communicating?
There are people who are easier than others but without a doubt... Our programs bring together the best tools and techniques, which you have probably heard from other sources, but which we have intertwined, adapted and found parallels in a unique Martial Art, which is based precisely on de-escalating tension and moving people with you. 

Isn't that what every Leader wants?  To feel heard and to see that your team is "moving" in the right direction?

Become a Black Belt of Inspired Leadership.