How to Talk to Connect

Online Course with Videos + Sessions Live 
to become a / a Specialist Resolving Misunderstandings
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Online training for 

Practice and Change 

your natural way of interacting 

with the people around you

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What are you going to change 
training with us
You will be able to keep the center in the face of any conflict
You will enjoy feeling that they hear you and see it in the results
You can de-escalate any conflict in less than 1 minute
You will feel more connected to those around you
You will see how easy you will achieve your goals
You will eliminate the stress generated by misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships

Choose between enjoying and learning in our Dojo On-line 

with Videos and multiple resources 

or add to these enriching live practices

(Dojo: is the term used in Japan to designate a space intended for practice 
and teaching meditation or modern traditional martial arts or gendai budo)
suggested value:
US$ 244*

Pay according to your possibilities

*This is the suggested value (in case that is something you are wondering) but we do not want anyone to be left without the opportunity to learn, improve and add tools that help us understand each other better.

In the button to register you will find the option to place the amount you want, from zero (if you feel that you cannot collaborate financially at this time and we want you to take it as a gift) to the number you want (in case you feel that your contribution will help others to have access)
It includes:
Access to the full AikiSkills Course

You will have access to the Online Dojo, where you will find the AikiSkills 12 Module Course

Print Guides

Color Guide to accompany the videos plus a Print Guide, so you can take notes

Access to the Private Group of MUSUBI

To share doubts, experiences and Guide

Extra resource library

Books, audios, videos

Go at your own pace

With live accompaniment

US$ 822

It includes:
All Dojo Online Content
Go at your own pace but with a Weekly Goal
The best way to change your natural way of interacting with those around you
Live call every Saturday

9:30 to 11:00 am (Miami time)

Access to all Online Events
Practice exercises
Role Play
2 weeks of Guide per Module
You can do the sessions live when it suits you best

You can attend on any of the available dates and even repeat sessions

Join us in our DOJO On-line

to transform you into a

Specialist Resolving Misunderstandings



  • How do I know this works?
Good question! The quick answer is: because we are not so different from each other. Because all mammals seek the same thing: connection! The long answer: AikiSkills, which is the method we use, comes from more than 30 years of experience working in companies, helping managers to better lead and connect with their employees, Customer Service departments to connect with them, Professors and Sellers to better listen and influence their “audiences”. You can read this article about how the performance of a Customer Service center changed after learning with us new tools to talk to connect, de-escalate and build trust here.

  • At this time I have one or more of my children around ...
Well, we will also interact with your children! And if there is any part that you have to assume, remember that the sessions will be recorded and sent to each participant later, so you can review what you have missed. 

  • What if I cannot attend one of the sessions?
If you signed up with the package that includes all live sessions (total or monthly), you can log in for the next session you missed. And you can also rely on the fact that all sessions will be recorded and sent to each of the participants. So you can catch up or go back over the session if you want.

  • How are the Live Sessions?
We are going to connect via MEET of Google to be able to interact with each other. So come prepared to have your camera "on"! 
  • What does DOJO mean?
Dojo: it is the term used in Japan to designate a space for the practice and teaching of meditation or modern traditional martial arts or gendai budo. In our case with AikiSkills, it is the place where you can find information, theory and your "senseis" to practice for as long as you want, and it is Online (a platform that allows us to connect, communicate, have videos, chat, books, articles, etc).

  • What is AikiSkills?
AikiSkills are communication tools, based on the philosophy of a different martial art: Aikido, designed to build bridges and connection, to ensure that you are heard and exponentially increase your options to influence others. Developed by observing the similarity that could be transferred from Aikido training and its handling of conflict, to interpersonal relationships but with words. For me, it is the Aikido that I DO do on the street (typical question when you tell someone that you do a martial art) and every day for more than 10 years when I added the title of mom to my resume. It fills me with joy to be able to work helping more people to connect in conflict and save the energy that misunderstandings take away from us. 

  • After the Program starts, what if I have questions between one week and the next?
In the AikiSkills Online Dojo you will find a chat to accompany you at the same time that the doubt arises. Access to this chat and group is part of the advantages of the Online Dojo and has no time limit.

You have more questions?

You have a Business Name o Team and you are clear that the quality of relationships of your team directly influence the results of your company?

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