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In a book that I highly recommend, HUMBLE INQUIRY, The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling, the author talks about the importance of relationships over "task completion" and how companies tend to forget that it takes the former (strong relationships) to accomplish the latter.

We strongly believe in this. We train and work with companies and leaders to help them better connect with their teams and their customers, to change misunderstandings and disconnection, to build bridges with the people with whom they interact and manage to move together toward a common goal with ease and fluidity.

We want to be honest here, sometimes we ask ourselves if we are efficiently transmitting what AikiSkills is about, the power of the concept of building trust and what your communication tools, which act like music notes, can do in your day-to-day life, depending on what you want to achieve and transmit. 

So we think that something that can help is hearing it from other people. 

We recently got some amazing feedbacks that we think might give you a better idea of how our method, AikiSkills, can help your business.

We also had the opportunity to see numbers. One of the companies we trained recently, with a highly trained Customer Service department, saw HUGE improvements in their service indicators, just 2 months after being trained at AikiSkills.

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Their sales grew by 50,35% and the percentage of offers accepted by customers improved by 22,44% (the revenue of the Customer Service representatives depends on these indicators, so you can imagine how happy they were).

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Additionally, in this Customer Service Center, where the Telephone Agents are constantly trained and were already scoring very well, compared to industry standards, customer sentiment improved from 71/100 to 81/100.

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For us in MUSUBI Communications This combination of complete numbers and feedbacks fills us with joy and purpose. 

It is the perfect balance between what it means to be interested in something, make it feel and build relationships, and how all this is reflected in being able to help other companies to grow their businesses.

Yes, AikiSkills works!